{(Create It)} Handmade Metal Charms Using a Disc Cutter

Disc Cutter

You may be saying to yourself, Wow Meghan, a Disc Cutter, really is that what you’re sharing with us today.

Why yes, yes it is. The absolutely amazing Disc Cutter that I purchased a few short weeks ago so I could make my own round charms from sheet metal. I purchased it from Mat’s Beads on none other than Etsy.com.

I was super-excited to try out the disc cutter last week and spent some time figuring out how to use it on my own. I had some copper sheet metal and a hammer ready to go and while I did have my doubts that I could properly use it, I had no trouble creating a dozen round discs that I will be using to create simple stamped charms.

Using the Disc Cutter is pretty basic. I slid the sheet metal into the opening and hit the mandrel several times until the metal circle came out the bottom. It was a bit tricky getting the mandrel out of the shaft, but a few blows from the hammer and they came right out. I had the most difficulty removing the metal sheet from the mouth of the machine. I started by using some jewelry pliers and twisting the metal sheet back and forth but I scratched it quite a bit. I covered the sheet with some scrap cardstock I had lying around and it protected the sheet and worked very well for getting a grip on the metal without scratching it.

I really liked working with this tool and am incredibly happy with the results. As you can see, the discs came out wonderfully. I cannot wait to experiment with the device to make half moons and washer shapes and to add these handmade copper discs to my shop.

Copper Discs

Photos by Whatsername Jewelry

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